Updated on May. 06, 2016.

We added some new function to FlashPrint, while at same time made several Optimization. Please take a look as below:

  1. New-added “Expert Mode” for more advanced settings in slicing configuration;
  2. New-added functions of inner diameter and outer diameter adjustment(Available under “Expert Mode”);
  3. New-added function of setting the starting point of the out ring. (Available under “Expert Mode”);
  4. Adjustment in Creator Pro’s default parameters for better printing quality;
  5. New-added Italian version;
  6. Adjustment in raft parameters for easier raft remove;
  7. New-added function of auto-matching the extruder under support option;
  8. The bug that some complicated models may get crashed after combining infills has been eliminated;
  9. Optimization in auto-supports generation option;
  10. The bug that crashes happen when generating rafts for models with extensive overhangs.