Updated on July. 24, 2017

We added some new function to FlashPrint, while at same time made several Optimization. Please take a look as below:

1.To optimize the SLC format support; to support manually support as well as scale; to allow slicing without the limit of layer height.

2.To add the translucent displaying function according to the adjustable viewing height, which is convenient to add and delete the supports inside model.

3.To add [Mirror] function affiliated to [Edit] in the menu bar.

4.To add [Custom Material] option, which supports customizing slicing layer height, for DLP 3D printer, Hunter.

5.To support [inner bore without brim] in expert mode.

6.To support the separate set of solid infill combine layers and sparse infill combine layers in expert mode.

7.To optimize the infill method for narrow gap, to avoid the situation that some gaps are not infilled.

8.To optimize the [Duplicate] function.

9.To modify the bug that cross connection cannot be generated in [Columnar Support Exterior Only] mode.

10.To optimize other functions and modify bugs.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the FlashPrint 3.18.0