Updated on October. 9, 2017
We added some new function to FlashPrint, while at same time made several Optimization. Please take a look as below:
1. Fix the bug that FlashPrint will not work when the local language of the operating system is not supported.
2. Fix the bug on “Auto layout newly-imported model” function.
3. Turn off “Show Model Outline” function when editing variable layer height.
4. Add function of variable layer height setting.
5. Add function of bridge printing to improve the effect of floating printing.
6. Add function of increase filament cooling time to improve the effect of tip printing.
7. Add thumbnail display function of .fpp, .gx or .svgx file in Windows.
8. Add estimation function for filament weight.
9. Support Arabic and German.
10.Add function that SLC format model support rotated by Z axis and flip over 180 degree by X or Y axis.
11.Support ditto printing function on Creator Pro.
12.Optimized estimation of printing time for DLP 3D Printer.
13.Additional optimization and bug fixes.
Click here to DOWNLOAD the FlashPrint 3.19.1