Updated on November.29,  2017
We added some new function to FlashPrint, while at same time made several Optimization. Please take a look as below:
1. DLP 3D Printer add raft of model projection shape.
2. DLP 3D Printer add raft thickness and margin settings.
3. DLP 3D Printer add bottom support only setting in support function.
4. DLP 3D Printer add raise height setting in support function.
5. DLP 3D Printer add tip ball in support function to make support and model connected more solid.
6. DLP 3D Printer add tip angle setting in support function to adjust cone part length of support tip.
7. Added top solid layers setting of linear support in expert mode.
8. Added space to raft setting of linear support in expert mode.
9. Added automatic adapt soluble support filament setting in expert mode.
10. Added feedback function.
11. Added double-click frame surface to quickly switch view.
12. Added space between models setting in auto layout all funciton.
13. Support open multiple model files once a time, if file type is STL or OBJ or 3MF or SLC.
14. Fix the bug that support diameter would be changed when the file is saved as fpp file in few conditions.
15. Fix the bug of slice failure when model has large area of flat and suspended surface.
16. To optimize brim path planning, improving the successful rate of printing.
17. To optimize German translation.
18. Additional optimization and bug fixes.
Click here to DOWNLOAD the FlashPrint 3.20.0