Updated on March.30, 2018
We added some new function to FlashPrint, while at same time made several Optimization. Please take a look as below:
1. When print file includes more than one model,you can seperately add different Auto supports or clear supports to one model.
2. Add new Perspective view and Orthographic view.
3. Optimize the tip direction of Auto supports of DLP 3D Printer,making supports easier to remove.
4. Add Outline Compensation function in Size Adjust of DLP 3D Printer print settings.
5. Add Gradual Time Layers function in Exposure Time of DLP 3D Printer print settings.
6. Do not combine those too small layers when doing combine infill,Add Combine Area Threshold setting in Combine Infill under expert mode.
7. Fix the bug that printing speed was not reduced when printing tips under basic mode.
8. Fix the bug that it may get stuck when manually adding supports.
9. Optimize the infill path of thin-wall model to minimize the cracks which may happen inside the thin-wall model in few conditions.
10. Optimize the visual effect of Show Steep Overhang function.
11. Add some more keyboard shortcuts.
Click here to DOWNLOAD the FlashPrint 3.22.0