3D HUBS just released the 3D Printing Trends April 2016 report. Here are some insights related to FlashForge.

Insights: Highest Rated Desktop Printers


FlashForge Creator Pro is at #8 with 4.75 points. This score is based on 1355 reviews, which makes Creator Pro a very hot 3d printer in 3D Hubs.

Insights: Printer Model Distribution 

3D Printer Distribution

FlashForge Creator Pro is at#9 with 599 3D printers on 3D Hubs, accounting for 2.2% of the total.

Insights: Printer Manufacturer Distribution


Flashforge is edging closer to Stratasys, with now only 9 printers dividing #4 and #5.

Insights: Popular Printers by Region

popular 3d printer by region

After climbing over the Replicator 2x, FlashForge Creator Pro overtook the Printrbot Simple Metal for the bronze in North America this month.

FlashForge Creator Pro is coming up in Asia, overtaking the Zortrax 200 at #3.