Flashforge Adventurer 3 Time is coming!
New Generation, smart and light!

Adventurer 3 adopts minimalist design with a simple and exquisite outlook. Transparent windows on three sides of Adventurer 3 mkae it easier to observe printing process, and it’s clear to see the simple UI touch screen operation interface, what’s more, AD3 owns built-in resin box , front-loading USB socket, super huge printing space, 150*150*150mm printing volumn designed for 388*340*405mm printer size.


More convenient printing experience, print as soon as unboxing finished. NO leveling, auto filament loading and unloading, Nozzle removement quickly, heat up quickly, simpler and quicker print process, more convenient mode removement, overcoming the shortcoming of extruder plugs and nozzle cleaning.


Overall functions, small size, huge ennergy. Adventurer 3 supports various printing resins, connects various connection methods, supports different languages, long-distance visual camera, connets Cloud, mute printing, more smart and full-equipped functions, which can meet differednt demandings!


More intelligent management, Flash Cloud controll realizes multi-printers management. Flashforge is an intergrated platform which realises controlling 3D printer cloud management and 3D printing files loading.By Flash cloud, users can realize files management on line, device management on line, slcing on line, modeling library supporting on line.

How smart Flashforge Adventurer 3 is! What are you waiting for? Buy immediately!!!