Dreamer NX  3D  Printer

Reliable, Smart And Affordable 3D Printer

Completely closed structure , Patent extruder, Constant temperature circulation system, Wired or wireless file transmission, Full color touch screen.

Constant temperature circulation system

Real-time temperature monitoring, Automatically turn on the cooling fan,When the cavity temperature exceeds 50 degree, Speed up the air ciculation inside the cavity.

New added password lock

New added password lock function avoids unauthorized operation from strangers. Making Dreamer NX the very personal 3D printer for you!

 Heating bed

Evenly heating up, effectively reducing the edge of the warp.

Patent extruder

Inner turbo fan, form a circular air supply around the extruder,  greatly improving the molding effect!

Compatibility of various filament

Compatibility of FDM 1.75mm filament in the Market.