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3D printing ignites STEM education and stimulates creative thinking. More and more schools and universities have had 3D printers in the classrooms and labs to help the next generation acquire skills and hands-on experience in 3D printing technology which are needed for future careers. FlashForge educational program makes it much easier and more affordable for schools and universities with limited budgets to unleash students’ potentials.

Finder 3D Printer


Finder is designed with ease of use and safe to use in mind. Together with a 3D modeling design software, Finder is a valuable tool for showing elementary school students the fun of 3D printing.

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Dreamer 3D Printer


Dreamer is designed with ease of use and functionality in mind. Together with a 3D modeling design software, Dreamer is a valuable tool for illustrating hard-to-grasp concept to middle school students.

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Creator Pro 3D Printer

Creator Pro

Creator Pro is a dual extruder 3D printer for unleashing the creativity of high school and college-level students. It uses standard filament as well as composite materials such as wood, copper and much more.

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