Flashforge, a top manufacturer of desktop 3D printing systems,has signed a new agreement with Simplify3D, a global leader in commercial 3D printing software,  provide software support in our extensive lineup of 3D printing platforms.



Flashforge has signed a partnership agreement with Simplify3D that enables manufacturer to provide new hardware and software combinations for professional users.  Dreamer and Creator Pro 3D Printer supports Simplify3D Software, it allows customers to experience different slicing software and achieve superior 3D Print result. 

“We’re pleased to provide new software options for two of the most popular Flashforge machines. Flashforge can now offer a seamless experience, allowing professional customers to opt for the upgraded software solution right from the start”, said Clayton Webster, CEO, Simplify3D.  


FlashForge has been a well-known name in the world of 3D printing ever since it started to develop open-sourced 3D printers and surpassed other open-sourced brands in quality and affordability. FlashForge has become more renowned that one of the world’s famous company adapted its closed model–Dreamer into one of their own. Both Creator Pro and Dreamer models rank Top 10 in the 2016 3D Printer Guide released by 3D Hubs, the world’s largest 3D printing community.


Previous Flashforge owners can also take advantage of the new software options, as Simplify3D supports many prior Flashforge models. Customers who buy hardware-software package can enjoy a good discount, the bundle sales will start on May 9 and end on May 23.

We are excited about this new strategic partnership. Pairing the right hardware and software continues to be a major challenge in additive manufacturing industry, and we look forward to continued work with FlashForge in the future”, continued Webster.


The new product offerings are available today directly from the FlashForge website [http://www.flashforge.com].  More information about Simplify3D, its capabilities, and supported printers can be found on the Simplify3D website [https://www.simplify3d.com/].