British time September 26th-28th,FlashForge made public appearance with his Inventor series、Guider2 series and Hunter series in TCT SHOW + PERSONALIZE 2017,which took place in Bermingham International Exhibition Center Building 3,the exhibition stand of FlashForge is G29.

On the spot, we showed many works of several types of our printers and demonstrated the printing process, attracting many exhibitors stop and visit. 

Although showed for the first time in foreign exhibition,Inventor series and Guider2 series give an amazing impression to exhibitors. These visitors have a deep exchange with our FlashForge staff on printers、 printing applications and other issues. We also warmly welcome them and introduce basic information of our products to them.


Having showed many times in domestic exhibitions,Inventor series and Guider2 series are already famous and popular in China. 

Inventor series,as a printer type designed specifically for education industry,complementary educational solutions such as 3DTADA and Happy3D have been put into more schools and makes’educational activities,receiving widely praise from institutes and school teachers.




                                                           Inventor series


The Inventor series is designed to be safe and easy to operate:

constant temperature circulation, continued-printing after power interrupt, built-in cameras for monitors, smart-security door, silent design. This series has taken actual problems of educational field into account,is more fit for teachers to teach and for students to operate, making Inventor series more popular for schools to choose.

As an industrial-grade product,Guider2 printer is very popular among exhibitors because of the technological outlooking,higher printing accuracy and bigger-size platform.


The new big-size desktop 3D printer achieves bigger modeling dimensions,68% bigger than the first generation in print volume,giving more options and possibilities for users to print.Heatable printing platform meet the needs of various printing.Patented extruder structure makes the filament extruding process steady and continuous,which will be very helpful when the printing process is long.Turbo fan enhance the quality of modeling results with good ventilation.Body structure and moving parts are produced by high-accuracy CNC machine tool,making the guider2 print steadily without shaking and durable to use.Guider2 is also equipped with a 5-inches full-color touch screen,whose operation is easy and simple to understand.

图片6  图片7

TPU material is supported by Guider2 after our users’evaluation on the printer.


FlashForge Hunter , a 3D printer frequently showed at CES and many exhibitions this year, still attracts a lot of attention. The overall design is highly industrial,the orange and black combination of colors  make Hunter outstanding between cool-colored 3D printers.


Independently developed optical engine has a usage life of 50000 hours, the unique gray level calculation, support a variety of materials, removable printing platform, a resolution of 1920*1080p,together with the 0.0625mm pixel size, making Hunter with more application advantages in the jewelry industry.


The three-days TCT show ended in all aspects of communication. FlashForge made public appearance with his Inventor series and Guider2 series for the first time in the TCT SHOW + PERSONALIZE 2017 in England, shows our great attention to European market,hoping to develop the 3D application market in European education and jewelry industry. FlashForge believes that with the application field of 3D printing grows wider and broader,3D printing will have a better future.