FlashForge announces their participation in the GE Additive Education Program (AEP) to place 3D printers in schools world wide, advancing education for Additive Manufacturing in Primary and Secondary schools.

ZHE JIANG FLASHFORGE 3D TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (FlashForge) is pleased to announce their support for the GE Additive Education Program. By supplying the advanced Inventor IIS 3D printer to schools through their partnership with Polar3D, a Cincinnati based provider of “the Polar Cloud,” an educational platform for the instructional use and sharing of 3D printers.


GE is investing $10 million over five years in educational programs to deliver Polar Cloud-enabled polymer 3D printers to primary and secondary schools and metal 3D printers to colleges and universities around the world.

“FlashForge is proud to help GE and Polar3D in their quest to educate our youth in the future of advanced manufacturing techniques”, said Pei Wenjian, General Manager of FlashForge.  “The Inventor IIS printer was specifically designed to meet the needs of the AEP through our collaboration with Polar3D.”

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“We are thrilled to have FlashForge as a partner in the AEP,” said Greg LaLonde, CEO of Polar3D.  “They, along with all the other partners, are making in incredible difference in the lives of these students by empowering them to become early experts in additive manufacturing technologies and in other fields that might not even exist yet.”

This year, the AEP includes a new subsidy program that allows any organization or individual to apply for a subsidy to purchase Polar Cloud-enabled FlashForge 3D printers and curricula on behalf of educational institutions.


To apply for the AEP, please register and complete the online application  here.  For more information,

visit www.ge.com/additive.

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Founded in 2011, FlashForge is a world leader in the research, development and production of professional 3D printing equipment and supplies. It endeavors to popularize 3D printing as an advanced manufacturing technique and to build a user-friendly, yet customizable, 3D printing experience.

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