It was fortunate for we FlashForge to interview the Japanese female maker FRISK-P. She is the mogul of the Japanese barrage website NICONICO technology zone, and also owns a FlashForge 3D printer: Finder. She loves steampunk, and she can use her designing to transform everything into a steampunk object, just like magic.


Let’s look at her work first.




These works were designed and built on her own, printed by Finder and assembled by herself.Her works make people sign for her remarkable imagination, creativity and strong physics knowledge.

And what is more admirable is that she learned all these through books and online. FRISK-P said that she often reads books related to 3DCAD, gets information from the Internet. Then she slowly gleaned the attempt, tired by herself and accumulated day by day. “はい、書籍とwebからの情報による独学です。webには参考になる情報がたくさんありますので助かっています。”



About steampunk

Speaking of the relation with the steampunk, FRISK-P said it was because of her ardently love of steampunk from childhood. “いつ知ったかは覚えていません。小さなころからSF小説はよく読んでいたので、スチームパンクというジャンルの存在は子供の頃から知っていました。初期の頃にビジュアル面で影響を受けたのは「サクラ大戦」です。”(translation: I’ve been crazy about science fiction since I was a child, so I feel that the concept of steampunk is in my memory. If I remember correctly, the “Cherry Blossom war” left me a deep impression.)
As a science fiction fan, she has to spare more effort in private to turn her ideas into reality. After all, she is working in a factory which has nearly no association with 3D printing, 3D modelling, and designing, so she can only do it in her spare time. But FRISK-P obviously enjoyed it, she thought that she could do things she like forced by hobbies, which relieved many stresses in her daily life. “趣味でやりたいことをやっているのは仕事のストレス解消になっていると思います。”

She usually predesigns three-dimensional models and circuit diagrams when she has inspiration. Then the model will be printed out through Finder, and later be polished, coloured, installation of electronic components, debugging, unwittingly produced a large number of brilliant works. Of course, there will be a time inspiration disappear, then she will choose to stay at the home to watch anime to find inspiration, sometimes while she is watching, the inspiration is coming.“アイデアは何となくです。インプットが有って、アイデアのアウトプットが有るので、インプットが大事だと思っています。(Translation: In fact, inspirations are all inspired by unknowingly. I think input is very important, the source of inspiration is the content be input into the brain.)

FRISK-P made videos of her work and uploaded into the Japanese barrage website NICONICO and Youtube, and gained a lot of attention, gained some benefits and started her own small sidelines.


With 3D Printing

FRISK-P said that the turning point of doing 3D printing was because the manual grinding model was time-consuming and she had limited time beside work, so she wanted to use 3D printing to save time so that more time can be used for designing and creation. “作業の効率化を期待してです。手加工での作業は時間がかかります。生活の中で趣味の工作に使える時間は限られていますので。”

“作業の手軽さ等と含めたコストパフォーマンスです。加工可能な材料は別として、必要な形状の部品を作る場合の手軽さは、CNC等に比べて優れていると思います。” The use of 3D printing really makes the work very convenient and cost-effective. Compared with CNC, the processed material is cheaper and easier to be designing shapes and other parts.

Of course, FRISK-P also encountered some difficulties in making 3D printing. “出力を考慮したモデリング設計です。当初はどんな形状でもサポートを付ければ出力できると思っていました。でも、「この面は見える部分だからなるべく綺麗に出したい」「この穴は精度が必要だから垂直方向に出力したい」等を考えると、プリンタの出力特性に合わせたモデリングが必要になってきます。(Translation: When I first operated the 3D printer, I thought that whatever shape would be printed smoothly. But it was not the case after the actual operation. I think 3D modelling is very difficult because the characteristics of printers should be considered during designing. For example, complex objects are not very suitable for FDM printing. So we need to segment complex parts and print them one after another. The accuracy is changed according to the printing position and the direction of supporting angle.)


We FlashForge believe that FRISK-P is now handy with 3D printers, and she also has some ideas for 3D printing. “希望するのは、精度向上、安定性向上、出力時間の短縮です。精度と安定性は新モデル登場毎に向上が見られ、よい傾向です。あとは、出力時間の短縮に期待をしています。(Translation: I hope the printing accuracy, product quality and printing speed can be improved continuously. Now, with the advent of new products, the accuracy and quality have been improved. I expect the printing speed can be improved in the future as well.”)

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As a maker female who is able to think and do, FRISK-P uses her own hands to make incredible imagination into reality.  She has her own thoughts and attitude and insists on her what she interests, wins others’ admiration. She has many incredible works, and we are proud that these are printed by FlashForge 3D printers Finder.