Inconsistent Extrusion

Consistent extrusion of filament is of great important to ensure an accurate and exquisite model. If this extrusion varies across different parts of your print,

Lines on the side of the model

As we all know, the model is printer layer by layer and the whole model may comprise of hundreds even thousands of layers. So if

Holes or gaps in the sides

Reason 1: Not enough shells Solution: Under “Expert Mode”, click [Perimeter] and the you will find an area for shell settings. For example, if you

Curling or Rough Corners

If the model edges or corners curl during printing, it means that overheating issue happens to the model. If the melted filament cannot be cooled

Interruption or pause

If the printer extrudes normally at the beginning, but suddenly stops extruding while printing. Generally speaking, the following reasons maybe result the consequence. Reason 1:


As we all know, seldom 3D printers have an close-loop control system, which means that the motors cannot send feedback of real-time nozzle position to the system.


The melted filament within the extruder can reach more than 230℃. When the melted filament is extruded out, it can be formed into different shapes.

Edge Lifting

It usually occurs when printing extensive models, especially when you print with ABS. The corner part of the models are apt to be lifted up

Hanging Filament

Reason 1: Hanging filament always occurs when the overhangs of models are not added any support structure. Because of gravity, the overhangs tend to be

Stringing or oozing

Stringing or oozing usually occurs when the melted filament drops out of the nozzle and leaves on the surface of the model. This is because the filament is