After Jurassic world 2 released, it brings up some childhood memories.

We all know that 25 years ago, the realistic dinosaur image in the Jurassic Park shocked people and became the classic among a generation.

After so many years, as the fifth film of Jurassic Park series, Jurassic world 2 has been expected by many people. In this film, it has also implied many scenes that appeared in previous films to honor the classics.

As for the plot, structure and character of the film, the audience’s feedback may be mixed, after all, there are one hundred Hamlett in the eyes of one hundred people, but in any case, the scenes and dinosaurs that are carefully presented in the film have given the audience a grand visual feast, especially for the dinosaur fans, which should find more enjoyment in the film.


(The picture is from the Internet)

In order to create a realistic scene in the movie, the production team is working extremely hard, but what is not known to the public is that 3D printing is becoming more and more mature in the film, like the twelve zodiac, the Avengers, 007: Skyfall, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and so on.

Before that, one of our users used the FlashForge Creator Pro to print characters from the movies and his works are vivid.

(As the pictures suggest↓↓↓)


As one of the main characters of the Jurassic Park series, T-Rex’s appearance is quite important in every Jurassic Park movies. Today we will us Guider II to print a T-Rex and record the process.

Here is the video

The printing process is interrupted by power failure but doesn’t matter!

Guider II has the power failure resume printing function and finally saved T-Rex and finished printing.

Here is the printer —-FlashForge Guider II (as the picture below suggests), which has a great sense of technology, and has the function of power failure resume printing function to guard your printing.


Now, the FlashForge Guider II is upgraded to Guider IIS. It maintains all the original function, supports heating printing platform, meets diversified printing requirements, is suitable for printing various filament, and can even print TPE filament without effort.

The structure of the patent extruder is uniform and suitable for printing for a long time. The fuselage structure and moving parts are machined by high-precision CNC machine tools, stable, durable and non-jitter. More equipped with 5-inch full color touch screen, full touch screen operation, simple and easy to understand.

The most important thing is to add new camera and air filter and support the connection of Flashprint cloud. This means that you can watch the printing situation anytime and anywhere through the camera, and easily manipulate the printer through the cloud platform. Plus, air filters can reduce dust hazards, protect the environment and human health.

Therefore, users who like large size and various needs can consider the income of Guider IIS.