Benefits of 3D Printing in Education

With FlashForge 3D printers, teachers can literally add another dimension to their classroom practice. Teachers can use 3D printed objects to illustrate complex concepts, make abstract and inaccessible objects tangible, improve students’ spatial abilities and create a richer, more engaging learning environment.

Revolutionize the Classroom.

3D printing has enormous educational potential and can be integrated with any subject within a school curriculum. The intrinsic flexibility of 3D printing means the benefits are equally profound for any age, from the youngest learners to advanced tertiary students.

3D printing can greatly assist students’ understanding of abstract equations and formulas. Science teachers can enlarge the tiniest elements to human scale, while entire landmarks and geographical formations can be shrunk to fit on a desk. Precious ancient artifacts can be replicated and visionary future technologies prototyped – all in class.

3D printing enables teachers to add a level of context and understanding which is sometime impossible with 2D resources, and allows students to bring their wildest imaginations to life.

Future Ready

Rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing is becoming an increasingly valuable and integral part of many industries and many future careers. Honing 3D printing skills at school and university not only helps students to see, hold, test and refine their ideas in the real world, but also gives them an enormous jump start on this exciting technology which will surely affect many facets of our future jobs and lives.

Working Together to Achieve an Exciting Future

As a proud partner in the GE Additive Education Program, FlashForge is excited to be able to help future generations of students across the globe access 3D printing technology and improve their educational outcomes.

Learn more about the GE Additive Education Program here

Convenient, Flexible, Accessible and Reliable

FlashForge is working closely with Polar Cloud to improve the convenience, flexibility and accessibility of 3D printing. With FlashForge’s innovative Polar Cloud Enabled printers, schools can effortlessly manage multiple printers across multiple rooms and classes. Students are able to send their designs to print from their desk, home or even the school bus. Teachers importantly get to spend more time focusing on teaching, not worrying about incompatible printer software and manually attending to their 3D printers.

Learn more about Polar Cloud here

Better Learning by Design

FlashForge works closely with Makers Empire to produce 3D printers which compliment their 3D learning programs for K-8 schools. Makers Empire offers a range 3D software and teaching resources to aid the integration of 3D design in schools; while FlashForge’s safe, reliable and easy to use range of 3D printers are perfect for young learners and teachers alike.

Learn more about Makers Empire here


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