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How to solve if the distance between nozzle and platform is too large(far away) or too small(that they collide)?

Adventurer 4

1. Tap[Maintain]--[Calibration];
2. The printer starts pre-calibrating. The first point is to calibrate the initial distance between the extruder and the platform (see Z-axis deviation value). Click the up and down arrows to adjust the Z-axis deviation value. With the help of the leveling card, you can feel if there is any slight resistance to decide the appropriate distance.
3. when the model fails to be printed due to uneven platforms, please continue using this function. The machine will calibrate the remaining 8 points. After calibration is completed, the software will automatically calculate a compensation mean to compensate. When each point is being calibrated, the user can also adjust the Z-axis deviation by clicking the up and down arrows. After  compensation is completed, the value is memorized and the extruder goes back to zero.