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What is the difference between Creator Pro and Creator Pro2?

Creator Pro2

1. Creator Pro2 has an independent dual extruder and supports PVA water solubility filament. Independent dual extruder could avoid oozing in dual-color printing. 

2. Creator Pro2 could print 2 the same module at the same time. 

3. Creator Pro2 has a touchable screen.

4. The inner wire is optimized.

5. Creator Pro is traditional abreast dual extruder. In dual-color mode, another nozzle still heating. That causes the oozing, color mixture, and blacking. 

6. The printing base of Creator Pro2 is updated in the heating wire. 

7. Creator Pro2 support 200*148*150mm at most. 80*148*150mm in mirror mode printing. 

8. The uploading structure is different with Creator Pro

9. The extruder of Creator Pro and Creator Pro2 is different.