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Hot news: Flashforge 3D Printers Exhibited on Asiamold

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On March 1st, the 17th Guangzhou International Die & Mould Exhibition (Asiamold) was successfully held at the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou. On the first day of the Exhibition, the site was packed with visitors, and the booth of Flashforge 3D Technology Corp attracted many professional visitors from domestic and abroad countries to stop by and exchange opinions.

Flashforge attend Asiamold


At this exhibition, Flashforge brought high-quality industrial-grade digital 3D printing solutions to the mold manufacturing industry. The on-site engineering-grade 3D printers - the Guider 3 Plus and Creator 4, received a lot of attention. Visitors showed great interest in their high-precision 3D printing performance, rapid prototyping capability, and large-volume molding features.

Visitors to Flashforge Booth

▲Visitors to Flashforge Stand on Asiamold

Alex from Belgium was looking for stable and fast 3D printing equipment to establish a "3D printing service center" in his own country. After learning Flashforge 3D printing services and 3D printer products in depth from our salesperson, Alex got full of praise for the Guider 3 Plus's ability to quickly print large-sized models. He got a furthermore learning of 3D model slicing and 3D printing process.

Belgium visitor praised Flashforge


The Guider 3 Plus 3D printer is a printing device with a large enclosed building space, 3D printing faster and stabler, and being quiet and smooth when it’s operating. It well meets the demand of rapid manufacturing/testing of large-sized molds.

The Creator 4 3D printer is a powerful industrial-grade high-quality 3D printer equipped with three types of nozzles, with an enclosed chamber of constant temperature in 65°C, and compatible with most engineering materials and carbon fiber composite materials on the market. Creator 4 performs pretty good in creating moulds with those high-performance materials

Flashforge engineering 3D printers


Flashforge is a leading brand in the global 3D printer industry. We have launched new series of FDM 3D printers to meet industry needs. The professional-level Guider 3 series 3D printers, with the characteristics of high-speed molding, empowers on rapid prototyping and manufacturing. The industrial-grade Creator 4 series 3D printers are equipped with a high-temperature chamber that adapts to the printing of engineering materials and carbon fiber glass composite materials, reaching higher-performance molds. Flashforge provides stable and reliable 3D printing equipment, high-quality 3D printing materials, professional slicing software, and comprehensive after-sales services. Flashforge is aimed at providing small and medium-sized enterprises with comprehensive 3D printing digital solutions to rapid manufacturing and to accelerating design iteration and productization. Flashforge is trying to lead a new future in 3D printing intelligence!

To learn more about the functions and applications of Flashforge FDM 3D printer series, please visit Flashforge official website: www.flashforge.com