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How many types of Flashforge 3D printers are there?

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Flashforge only has FDM desktop 3D printers? Definitely NO! Flashforge wax jetting 3D printers and Flashforge Resin 3D printers are also what make Flashforge take pride in. Follow this article to get a further understanding on those types of Flashforge 3D printers now!

Category 1. Flashforge wax 3D printers 

Flashforge successfully developed a wax 3D printer - Flashforge WaxJet - in 2021 and successfully applied it into industrial production. Flashforge WaxJet, with high resolution casting wax as the consumable, could print out wax patterns such as wax rings and wax bracelets with higher precision and in faster speed. 

As jewelry casting method goes, people need to get the wax patterns as a starter, and then take procedures of lost wax casting and then get the final jewelries. In traditional way, wax patterns were achieved in at least 3 processes, while now with the application of Flashforge wax 3D printers, people can print out the wax patterns directly. The process of getting wax patterns is greatly simplified owing to the use of Flashforge WaxJet 3D printers. Getting wax patterns is no longer a complicated manual job by hand, but finished by machine, hence dramatically improving production efficiency.

For the time being, some jewelry factories in southern China have adopted Flashforge WaxJet 3D printers into production line. It’s worth mentioning that until now only two companies in the world - Flashforge and 3D Systems - has the wax 3D printing technology and made it into real application. An obvious advantage of Flashforge over the other is that Flashforge WaxJet has equipped with 3 printheads and the printouts are tripled! Customers who have any interests in Flashforge WaxJet best 3D printer series are warmly welcome to contact us for more details.

Category 2. Flashforge Resin 3D printers 

Resin 3D printers use liquid resin as the consumable. 3D printer liquid resin is a light-sensitive material that turns solid when exposed to some specific light. That's also the technical principle of resin 3D printing. 

According to the lighting principles, there are 3 types of resin 3D printers: laser SLA 3D printers, DLP 3D printers and LCD 3D printers. The main differences among them lie in the different light sources and lighting routes. The laser SLA 3D printers use ultraviolet laser (355nm or 405nm) as the light source, DLP 3D printer means digital light processing, and LCD 3D printer uses liquid crystal display light source. Among those resin 3D printers, Laser SLA is the first-generation light curing molding technology appearing early in the 1980s. What Flashforge owns are DLP 3D printers and LCD 3D printers which are getting more popular in recent decades.

1) Flashforge LCD 3D printers

As for LCD resin 3D printers, Flashforge have both Foto series and Proxima series. The key part on the LCD printer is the monochrome screen, a special material screen that has a much longer lifespan and more stable performance during long term printing than other screens. The monochrome screen which the Flashforge LCD 3D printer use is as good as that used by other famous Brands of LCD 3D printers, yet with cheaper price than other Brands.

Another advantage of Flashforge resin LCD 3D printers is higher printing precision. The 405nm UV curing light on Flashforge LCD printers is distributed more even and disperses less heat on LCD screen. Together with the high resolution of the LCD screen, Flashforge LCD 3D printers print more precisely and service for longer time. 

Besides the machines, Flashforge also has different types of resin matching them and other LCD 3D printers in the market. High quality resin and cost-effective ensured!

2) Flashforge DLP 3D printers

DLP resin 3D printer uses digital light processing. The light source is a projector. Compared with LCD 3D printers, DLP 3D printers print faster, with advanced precision, yet cost more. Flashforge Hunter belongs to this type. It is used for dental or jewelry. 

Category 3. Flashforge FDM 3D printers

This is the type of 3D printers using fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology. The consumables of FDM 3D printers are called filaments, usually made up of thermoplastics. A roll of filament means a long thin thread winding around a reel. The thin thread is heated and melted, and then extruded out through the nozzle of the FDM 3D printers to build up the expected models.

Flashforge FDM 3D printers are the most common ones used by normal consumers and school education. They enjoy features of non-toxic consumables, family affordable, available to use in the room/office environment, Low maintenance cost, safe system operation, etc. Individual consumers could purchase a Flashforge desktop FDM 3Dprinter to print toys like Bin Dwen Dwen, garage kits, or figurine ornaments. Small businesses could also use FDM 3D printers for commercial batch production. Read this if you need help in deciding which Flashforge FDM 3D printer is right for you. You can buy s a 3D printer as one of your electronics, or as a high-end gift for others!

Flashforge 3D printer filaments

Different filament consumables require different printing temperatures and cause nozzle wear and tear in different degrees. And, filaments making up different materials take on different physical properties, hence requiring different extruder assembly structures on 3D printers. What filaments supported by the 3D printer are clearly listed on the parameter section of each Flashforge 3D printer product page. Take the product page of Flashforge Creator Pro as an instance:

On Flashforgeshop there are various high quality filaments, such as PLA, ABS, and PETG, which best match Flashforge 3D printers as well as match other FDM 3D printers in the market. 


This article categorizes Flashforge 3D printers into FDM 3D printers, resin 3D printers, and Wax 3D printers. Which type of Flashforge 3D printers to use is decided by what people want to print or where the printouts will be applied. It’s a fact that Flashforge 3D printers are worldwide traded in about 100 countries and regions. Flashforge, as an industry-leading 3D printing solution provider, will go on developing and providing stable and high quality 3D printers!