Nergigante from Monster Hunter: World. We did it!

3D Printing

In PC games I usually tell my friend:

Buy earlier enjoy, buy later for a discount. And I never buy because of waiting for free giveaways.

LOL Of course, there is no free giveaway of GK FIGURE. And limited edition will never be rushed. Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone who does not want the GK FIGURE from BANDAI. The expensive price and extra-long production keep my money in my pocket and have the chance to ‘waste’. I call the people like me ‘waiting for party’: waiting for the discount, waiting for the giveaway. 


But have you thought of another pathway? Make the GK FIGURE by yourself. I know it sounds a little bit crazy and complicated. Some of you may think it is extremely hard to make GK FIGURE by clay and making injection mold. Seriously, those processes are not necessary. 3D printer solves the most complicated steps for you in GK FIGURE figure DIY. I know there will be someone discussing the price or convenience problem. That could be a little misunderstanding about the 3D printer. 


The first is the cost problem. Think about it, a single GK FIGURE figure of BANDAI costs over 700$. 10 will not be enough. 20 can fill a presentation layer. The cost of the GK FIGURE figure cannot be calculated simply. 


Solving the problem in beginning is the best way. Just like a 3D printer. In other words, it gives you a whole production line. The players who acknowledged 3D printer knows the variety of 3D printer. Despite regular FDM machine, UV 3D printers is a more minor branch of 3D printers. Due to its abstract definition, users know less about it. The same as FDM 3D printers, UV printer is also a kind of additive manufacturing. 


To compare with FDM 3D printer, UV printer’s operation and theories are indeed complicated. However, accuracy and detail is the first aim of the GK FIGURE figure. The UV 3D printer occupies a better GK FIGURE figure printing for the DIYers. 


Here comes the most significant part of this article. Jailene, as the content operation of Flashforge, GK FIGURE kit fancier, and PC game player at the same time, tests the performance of Foto 8.9 by printing Nergigante in Monster Hunter: World. This digital model comes from DynastinaeGold. 



LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY


All Fours Limbs Comparison

LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY

(the left one comes from Foto8.9)

I can find the scales on Nergigante’s right leg in this comparison. The texture and detail are perfectly obvious. The shape of the nail is sharp enough. 

LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY 

This comparison presents the detail between the major structure the base. In the left one, it is observed no oozing and clear. The joints on the feet are separated from the nail. 

LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY

This is the feature of the thorn of the left hand. The thorns in the left pic us fluent and smooth, especially in the acute angle detail. To compare with the texture on hand, the skin texture is shallower. By the effort of Foto 8.9, skin texture is presented to the most detail, which could be observed on the original data file. 


Detailed comparison of head and tail 

LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY 

This comparison is extremely wonderful. Face structure is always the most complicated and tiny part among all body parts. Eyes, nose, and teeth could be the hardest measurement in examining a 3D printer’s quality. On the left, the clear nose and eyes structure is perfectly printed. Even the texture of the eyeball and nostril. At the same time, the sharpness of teeth is high. After measuring, the smallest teeth size is 1mm (between the tusks). We can see the horn from head to lack is gradually largened. The thorns, which are on the back of the dragon’s lack, are strong enough that will not be mis-operated in taking down the supportive structure.  Due to Nergigante’s complexity of thorns, skin lines, and dragon horns, FDM 3D printing cannot print those in detail. 


LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY

In Monster Hunter, the tail of Nergigante is needed to produce protective clothing, which supports high prevention and harm-rebound. Hence, the outline of the tail should be sharp enough. In tail printing, the length and acutance of thorns are incremental rather than sudden. To compare with the FDM 3D printer’s job, LCD 3D printer performs better in line fluency and printing detail. 


Posture comparison 
LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY

Even though the original data file is the same, the postures of the two works showed differently. Usually in FDM printing, heat shrinkage, which caused irreversible shape change of the whole project, cannot be avoided. In the right pic, the waist part, the shrinkage of the shoulder decreases the powerfulness of Nergigante. The left pic presents the muscular position of one of the strongest monsters in the game. The muscle texture kept stable after the project cooled down. The bottom of the horn does not shrink and over-curve. 


Now let us see the entire picture. 

LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIYLCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIYLCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIYLCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY


After the first step of the DIY GK FIGURE figure, as DIY lovers and Flashforge writers at the same time, have the following feeling:

1. There are problems with both FDM printing and LCD printing. Removing the supportive structure of the FDM project is hard and violent to break the detail. LCD projects need to pay attention when taking it from the printing chamber because of the flowing resin. 

2. FDM printer cannot prevent heat shrinkage after finished. In the ideal situation, the joints of the project should be matched perfectly. The fact is that the joint is either too loose or tight. The usual binder such as 502 or instant glue cannot stick each part of the figure. 

3. After-process is quite problematic for FDM printing in GK FIGURE figure DIY. In the coloring process, due to the obvious transverse texture of the FDM project, liquid putty makes less effect. For LCD projects, after removing the sportive structure, the remains are easy to polish by abrasive paper. The interspace and cavity could be filled with liquid putty (500). 


Nergigante printed by Foto 8.9 sized in 9.56cm(height)x12.44cm(width)x13.74cm(length)and costed 8.5 hours. The largest printing size of Foto8.9 is 192*120*200 mm, which covers the most demand of the GK FIGURE figure. By the engineering test, the Foto8.9s screen could serve over 2000 hours. In other words, one Foto8,9 could print at least 235 Nergigante, totally liberating the productivity of DIY lovers. Human character figure usually needs less printing resin and smaller size. One machine helps you own all the characters you want: Honma Meiko, Bruno Bucciarati, or Hashibira Inosuke. 


Because different figures demand different materials, except basic resin, Flashforge equips a series of resin with a different trait. High strength, easy cleaning, and less odor are the most fundamental requirements of resin material. Here I list some other recommendations, you can choose the one by your DIY preference. 


LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIYLCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY

Currently, the Foto series already has Foto 6.0、Foto 8.9、Foto 8.9sFoto 13.3. The number refers to the printing box. 


LCD,3D printing, 3D printer, flashforge,monster hunter,DIY



In the early developing stage of the UV 3D printer, the price of SLA and DLP machines was extremely expensive. It greatly stayed the money in consumers’ pockets. At present, the UV 3D printer already developed matured to a new level. Among different printing theories, LCD 3D printing is the best cost-performance choice in all UV 3D printers. 


Flashforge develops Foto series LCD 3D printers for DIY consumers. In the Foto series, despite the Foto 6.0 (the smallest printing size), the other three machines all apply 4K screen and industrial-grade monochrome, a new matrix design for uniform UV light energy, that increasingly proves the optical balance distribution. The highest printing speed is up to 50mm/h, which is 3 times faster than traditional screens. 


As for the DIY, GK figure kit, and PC game fancier, I sincerely recommend all the fancier to get your own producing machine and get rid of the 'limit edition'.