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See how 3D prints make you shine!

3D Printing

You’ll never think of how those 3D prints lovers strike your eyes with their works! Enjoy those exciting moments brought by cool 3D prints now!

1. Cool 3D prints show family individuality

Mandy Rayner is one of the active members in Flashforge Official Use Group. Mandy has a fanatic love for 3D prints. She has printed many useful 3D prints from functional parts to garage kits, using various types of printing materials like TPU filament and gradient coloring filament. Mandy's cool 3D prints include tires of RC car, Mickey and Minnie figures, fairy castle, Ester eggs…

What makes people's eyes light up the most is the 3D printed lithophane lamp! Lithophane lamp is such a lamp that has images/figures impressed on the surface of the lamp cover so that the lamp light can transmit the cover to forground the images/figures. Mandy 3D prints this lamp cover with images of her family! 

3D prints lamp

Of course you can make lithophane lamp 3D prints for your own family! It’s much easier than you’ve expected. You just need to pick up your family portrait, generate the lithophane using a free generator online, and leave all other things to the 3D printer! Remember best 3D prints come from best ideas and best usage of tools! There are many lithophane software APPs which turns a flat 2D picture to a 3D prints file and there is a world-known 3D printer brand called Flashforge that offers cheap yet best 3D printers for individual customers!

2. 3D prints become a way of celebrating Festivals

Wanna your Easter dragons, eggs, or bunnies be different from others? Let’s see how 3D prints lovers achieve a distinctive Easter celebration. Mandy 3D prints Ester eggs and dragons of rainbow colors using rainbow color filament! With her 3D printer, she gets free 3D prints with her customized style.

cool 3D prints Easter egg


Since 3D printers make it possible to enlarge or shrink the final size of the 3D prints. Mandy also prints eggs of large size, and puts in chocolate and jelly sweets for her lactose intolerant grandsons.

free 3D prints eggs


Robert Rundle 3D prints for an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt held by his daughter’s school. He prints letters separately and glue them on. Kids absolutely loved it and it beat paper pictures!

useful 3D prints Easter egg


Tarre Vizsla 3D prints a baby Yoda, or Grogu from the movie The Mandalorian. It’s not the stereotyped figure in the movie, but a hard-working little guy helping busy mum catch eggs in kitchen! Really cool 3D prints!

3D prints Yoda


3. 3D Prints make your daily life shine

Jean Paul Borg, also a member from Flashforge Official User Group, shares his 3D prints! “So my mom got addicted to 3D prints, and this is what she wants me to print for her and her friends. Sheep, lots and lots of sheep. They are basically Toilet Paper Holders. Also they are going out as gifts for the Easter!” Had to say those are really useful 3D prints! By the way, the printer Jean used for the sheep printing is the Adventurer 4 and the filament is FlashForge Black Pla.

coolest 3D prints toilet paper holder


Gabriel González Morra embellishes his room with cool 3D prints lampshade. He speaks highly of Flashforge 3D printers. “Had great lampshade 3D prints with Transparent PETG filament on my Flashforge Guider II. I have to say that the Guider II, makes the difference, with great results, great reliability, and great printing volume.”

3D prints lampshade


Mon copain ray is a handsome French scientist. He is also an outdoor sports lover. He never leaves his catty along each time when bicycle riding, motorcycling, going skiing, paddling, or paragliding! You’ll find many traveling videos of his online. Guess what cool 3D prints he makes? For the sake of safety, Mon 3D prints a bike helmet for his little friend! 

3D prints for pets


Corey Marchetti 3D prints can coolers. Wonderful to chill beverages! This 3D printed travel cooler will make you da bomb at any gathering! He 3D prints this out on a Flashforge Adventurer 3 and shares free 3D prints files: https://social.thangs.com/u/191470. These are really cool 3D prints!

3D prints can cooler


Amber Drubbel’s vases are all 3D prints! Whatever vase color and vase style you want, you can decide on your own!

3D prints vase


Cheryl Lall shares cool vase 3D prints as well as garage kits! These are her entry works for the spring event! All the best 3D prints are printed on her Flashforge Guider 2 and Voxelab Aries

useful 3D prints

Write in the end

Do you perceive 3D prints make your life more wonderful? How do you like those free 3D prints? Which do you think is the coolest 3D prints, the rainbow Easter eggs, the lithophane lamp, or the toilet sheep? What useful 3D prints do you want for your own life? Welcome to join us and share your 3D print ideas and 3D prints stuff!