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A New Striking Professional 3D Printer: Flashforge Guider 3 Plus!

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Flashforge Guider 3 Plus is a freshly developed 3D printer for professional use. With 350*350*600mm printing volume, Guider 3 Plus well meets the needs of large-scale prototyping production meanwhile ensuring high-speed and high-precision 3D printing. An obvious advantage is Guider 3 Plus supports carbon fiber composites printing and the consumption cost of carbon fiber material is overwhelmingly lower than the cost using other 3D printers in the market.

3d printer Guider 3 Plus

Who is Guider 3 Plus developed for?   

Guide 3 Plus is an optimal choice for professional 3D printer users to do prototyping development and model structure verification. Guider 3 Plus, a high-speed large printing 3D printer, helps a lot in shortening printing time and increasing efficacy in model design and optimization.

Besides, tooling fixtures that are commonly used to aid assembly line production all could be well 3D printed by Guider 3 Plus 3D printer, showing excellent surface texture and fine details. In addition, Flashforge Guider 3 could also play a good role in university education.

Guide 3 Plus well meets user’s needs                                     

The print chamber of Guider 3 Plus is 60cm in height and 35cm in length and width, which means a bigger-sized model can be realized in Guider 3 Plus. Users no longer need to connect and assemble small parts to get the final large model.

While printing in a higher speed, Guider 3 Plus never compromises in surface quality and fine details of the printouts. The double-ball screw in z-axis and the newly designed internal structure of Guider 3 Plus ensure the accurate positioning of each layer’s printing, resulting in smooth surface, better quality and more delicate details of the printouts.

As stated above that Guider 3 Plus performs quite well when printing carbon fiber materials, Guider 3 Plus attentively helps you well store the carbon fiber material. It comes with two filament compartments that contain silica gel desiccant and are well sealed. While printing or non-printing, Guider 3 Plus can keep the carbon fiber filament in a sealed and dry environment all along, preventing internal filament from getting moist and ensuring stable performance of the internal filament until its last inch!

Moreover, Guider 3 Plus is open to third-part materials. The FlashPrint (Flashforge official slicer for FDM 3D printers) is quite easy to use. Users just need to do some adjustment on material parameter settings in the slicer and then start trying more filaments!

Guider 3 Plus offers sample printing service

To help Flashforge dealers get a full learning of print results of Guider 3 Plus, Flashforge now is offering sample printing service via Guider 3 Plus 3D printer, to Flashforge distributors all over the world and free of charge! Welcome to submit your sample printing requests to us!