3D Printed Channel Letter Solution
Flashforge 3D channel letter solution integrates software, hardware and supporting resources, which aims at the pain points of sign making industry, effectively reduce operating costs, and promote the transformation and upgrading of channel letter production technology.
Intelligent Machine
Professional Software
High Efficiency
Online Cooperation
Break Limitation! Upgrade
Channel Letter Making Technology
With the unique building ways, 3D printing technology can break the limitation of making small and complex channel letter by traditional technology. 3D printing technology can meet small production in different lighting style structures at the same time.
Fast & High Effective Manufacture
Fast 3D printed shell making and no post-processing. It can meet the production requirements of quick delivery of products.
Smart Online Machine Management & Cut Down The Operation Cost
The FlashAD has a built-in cloud service platform and free cloud storage space. It can transfer the 3D printing file to the specified 3D printer with one key. It is easy to manage dozens of 3D printers by one person.
How To Make 3D Printed Channel Letter?
( For example: the procession of 3D printed neon light letter )
Get a Vector file by using CDR
Load the files into FlashAD to generate a 3D printing file and a cutting file
Note: FlashAD supports .stl, .cdr, .nc and .dxf file format
Transfer the 3D printing file to AD1 and start to build
Paste light bar
Produce letter panel (It makes)
Assemble parts
Lighting Style
Side light
Front light
Back light
All-transparent light
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Flashforge is one of the leading professional 3D printing R&D and manufacture brands in China. Its products cover education, dental, industrial, model manufacturing, sign and other industries. The products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
In 2019, Flashforge launched 3D printing channel letter solution, which upgrades the sign making craft to offer higher making efficiency, more various letter styles and lower cost.
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