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After-Sales Policy

After-sales policy

In order to improve users' satisfaction and trust, and create better sales performance, Flashforge specially standardizes after-sales service and clarifies the following after-sales service regulations:


Flashforge FFF technology 3D printer provides you with a 12-month limited warranty for the host and a 3-month warranty for FFF technology 3D printer nozzle component.The warranty period starts from the manufacture date.The effective date of the warranty is subject to the background purchasing time on the official website.



  ⅠFlashforge will provide free replacement parts if the equipment is damaged due to product quality problems during the warranty period.You shall submit the application for Flashforge After-sales Service to, and Flashforge will deliver the maintenance parts within the warranty period according to the application contents.If you cannot provide a complete application, which would make it impossible to verify the equipment information, and you have to bear the cost of replacement parts.


The warranty time of repair parts is the same as that of the whole machine.The warranty service is still available after the equipment maintenance during the warranty period.


Flashforge provides users with lifelong free technical guidance and consulting services.Problems you cannot solve can be solved by Flashforge engineers remote guidance to help you.


The following parts are not covered by the warranty: Platform Sticker,Platform metal plate,Platform Glass plate,Acrylic cover,SD card and USB stick,USB cable,filament,filament shaft, build platformPlastic scraper,Metal scraper,Gloves,Allen wrench,(2.5mm*1/3mm*1/5mm*1),Open-end wrench, Toolkit and tools inside.


 The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

1.Unable to provide valid warranty card or serial number (lost, altered,  blurred and not identifiable)

2.The whole equipment and parts have exceeded the warranty period;

3.The total running time of FFF commercial equipment exceeds 1000 hours, and the total running time of FFF consumer equipment exceeds 400 hours;

4.The equipment has been repaired in a repair shop without Flashforge authorization;

5.Equipment failure or damage caused by unauthorized modification of equipment;

6.Equipment failure or damage caused by incorrect installation or use;

7.Equipment failure or damage caused by the use of equipment in a non-product specified working environment;

8.Equipment failure or damage due to misuse (including overloading) or misuse;

9.Equipment failure or damage caused by using other branded parts;

10.Equipment failure or damage caused by using low quality filaments (it is recommended to use flashforge official filaments)

11.Equipment failure or damage caused by the use of non-Flashforge specified software;

12.Equipment failure or damage caused by improper maintenance (dampness, mildew or exposure to extreme weather);

13.Normal wear and tear, aging of equipment or appearance scratches or defects caused by operation;

14.Failure or damage caused by irresistible factors such as fire, earthquake, lightning, flood, etc.



Flashforge for your technical support

  1. Flashforge is solely responsible for quality problems within the warranty period, and engineers will be arranged to contact you directly
  2. You are obliged to make basic judgment on the occurrence of failure and provide materials for flashforge reference. Conventional technical problems shall be solved by Flashforge engineers with remote assistance, and special technical problems shall be solved by after-sales technical department of Flashforge through consultation with you.

Any dispute arising from the execution of this agreement and its attachment shall be settled by the parties through negotiation on the basis of mutual benefit.



 The description list of Flashforge FFF technology 3D printer product types

Product Type

Consumer Grade

English Name

Creator Pro


Dreamer NX



Product Type

Commercial Grade

English Name







The above terms apply only to FFF 3D printer purchased at the official website of Flashforge. For users purchased from Flashforge dealers, please contact your local distributor. If you purchase non-FFF equipment, please contact the Flashforge after-sales consultation.