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Flashforge Industrial-grade 3D Printers Debuts at Manufacturing World Japan Tokyo 2023

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From June 21-23, the Manufacturing World 2023 Japan was held at Tokyo's Big Sight International Exhibition Center, where throngs of attendees gathered to explore the show's offerings.

This exhibition, as one of the most influential shows of manufacturing trade in Asia and the world, covers 10 specialized technology shows, including shows of industrial automation, additive manufacturing, and machining, bringing together approximately 2300 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors from around the world. Flashforge Japanese distributor, APPLE TREE, showcased three Flashforge industrial-grade 3D printers and one 3D printer filament drying station at this exhibition. The differentiated solutions and efficient, stable performance of Flashforge 3D printing devices attracted a lot of professional visitors.

Flashforge Creator 4 3D Printer at Japan Manufacturing World 2023

The powerful Creator 4 3D printer was particularly eye-catching. It supports three types of print heads and maintains a closed printing chamber that can keep a constant temperature of 65°C, well compatible to printing molds with high-performance materials, like engineering materials and carbon fiber composite materials. The constant temperature system of Creator 4 makes itself advantageous in effectively solve bottom layer warping and cracking issues when printing ABS/PC/PA engineering materials, ensuring successful printing of large flat thin-walled models and complex kit models. The filament drying station is matching to the Creator 4 3D printer, to prevent engineering materials from getting moist and to heat and restore the properties of dampened engineering materials.

Flashforge Guider 3 3D Printer at Japan Manufacturing World 2023

The lightweight Guider 3 has a larger printing space, characterized by quiet and stable 3D printing performance and is able to work 7*24 hours continuously. Guider 3 is good for small enterprises setting up small flexible manufacturing workshops.

Flashforge Guider 3 Plus at Japan Manufacturing World 2023

With large build space (350*350*600mm), the Guider 3 Plus 3D printer is good for printing large-size models. It works rapid, stably, quietly and smoothly. It meets the needs of rapid manufacturing and rapid verification of various designs. Guider 3 Plus provides highly efficient 3D printing solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, studios, and university laboratories, empowering R&D design and prototype development. 

About Flashforge

Zhejiang Flashforge 3D Technology Co., Ltd is a leading brand in the worldwide 3D printing industry. Flashforge Company deeply cultivates industry needs and has launched a brand new FDM 3D printer series. The high-speed Guider series 3D printers are focusing on rapid prototyping and manufacturing. The Creator series 3D printers are focusing on high-performance material 3D printing, with high-temperature cabins suitable for engineering materials and carbon fiber-glass fiber composite materials. Flashforge provides reliable 3D printing devices, high-quality 3D printing materials, professional slicing software, and comprehensive after-sales service. Flashforge offers full-scale 3D printing solutions in digital manufacturing, accelerates design iterations and productization, and leads 3D printing future in smart manufacturing.