Adventurer 3

Flashforge Adventurer 3 is a new generation of FDM 3D Printer, it is super smart and light. With a fully upgraded nozzle and removable heated print bed, you can enjoy free leveling and 45dB ultra quiet during operation.

Creator Pro 2

Designers and engineers use Creator Pro 2 to print product prototypes or complex parts of electronics. Its IDEX design greatly helps to reduce prototype time.

Adventurer 4

Adventurer 4 has a real leveling-free design of platform and a larger printing size. To integrate interest, daily life and working efficiency with intelligent printing experience for family consumers, educators and office users.

Adventurer 3 Pro

Adventurer 3 Pro supports PLA, ABS, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF and other materials. Configured with upgraded Wi-Fi, 3D cloud printing, remote management.

Guider Ⅱ

With 68% larger build volume, adapt to objects of different sizes.

Foto 8.9

Flashforge newest arrival HD 4K LCD resin printer with a larger build volume, more stable framework, faster printing speed and better print experience.

Foto 6.0

Flashforge newest 6" 2K monochrome LCD printer with a larger build volume, more stable framework, faster and higher precision and better print experience.

Guider Ⅱs

A built-in camera for video monitoring
300℃ high-temperature extruder
Massive build volume: 280*250*300mm


An economic 3D printer for beginners, amazon choice.

Creator Pro

As a dual color 3D Printer based on open source technology, Creator Pro opens to flexible modification and upgrade, works with much 3D printing software such as FlashPrint, Simplify3D, Cura.


Dual extruder 3D printer is equipped with an intelligent temperature controlling system.

Dreamer NX

Reliable,Smart and Affordable 3D Printer!

Foto 8.9s

Flashforge newest arrival LCD 4K 3D printer with a larger printing size, higher precision, faster speed and more stable stability.

Foto 13.3

Flashforge newest arrival large-size HD 4K LCD printer
Mass production with efficiency & convenience
Large-size LCD printer with high efficiency & high precision