Accelerating Productization
Flashforge Creator 4 is a high-performance 3D printer for commercial use. Equipped with three extruder options, Creator 4 3D printer can print with flexible filaments, engineering filaments and carbon fiber composite filaments, good choice for commercial production.
Dual extruders working independently

The two extruders of Creator 4 work independently, not bundled together so that when you select one extruder working the other extruder goes away from the printing area hence not extra overflowing any filaments on the printed object. Also, the two extruders could work simultaneously and independently to double your outputs! Creator 4 is a good choice for mass production!

3 extruder options support multiple filaments
Extruder-Ffor flexible filament.
Extruder-HTfor engineering filament.
Extruder-HSfor carbon fiber composite.


Printing for 85A Flexible Filament

Printing Speed
Filament Diameter
Printing Temperature
Supported Filament
Printing for Engineering Filament

Printing Speed
Filament Diameter
Printing Temperature
Supported Filament
Printing for Carbon Fiber Composite

Printing Speed
Filament Diameter
Printing Temperature
Supported Filament
Temperature in the chamber ensures good printout quality

The advanced thermal-control system of Creator 4 keeps the print chamber at 65℃, which effectively reduces model shrinkage, warping at corners, and furnish breakage. Creator 4 ensures good printout quality, good printing precision and improves print success rate a lot.

Large build volume
  • Printing size: 400mm*350mm*500mm;
  • 500mm in vertical height meets most manufacturer's printing needs.
High-precision printing
  • Linear-rail leadscrew stepping along X and Y axes greatly improves motion stability, hence better printing precision.
  • Brand new S-type motion control system achieves smoother start and stop, precise positioning of the nozzle, and wonderful printing details.
  • CNC structure keeps machine stable and less shake when it's working.
Friendly and intelligent filament management system
01Different filaments can be automatically adjusted to different preheating temperatures in the chamber, achieving higher success rate of printing. When finishing printing, the chamber temperature can be adjusted automatically for model cooling down. Quite friendly system design for next print!
02If you don't want the automatically set temperature, you can customize it yourself!
  • Be compatible with various filaments with the highest temperature at 360℃
    PC / PA / PP / PETG / ASA / ABS / PLA / PC-ABS / PACF / PET-CF / PP-CF / PA- GF / PC-ABS / PP-GF / PPS- CF / TPU 85A / TPE / TPB / TPC
    The Creator 4 series is suitable for Flashforge supreme filaments. This series is developed in cooperation with German LEHVOSS, and the raw materials are specially formulated by LEHVOSS. It reduces the heat shrinkage during printing, and also decreases the warpage and the need for high chamber temperature. It meets the strength and temperature resistance required by engineering mechanics. The filaments are certified by the LEHVOSS German laboratory.
    The Creator 4 series also supports third-party filaments.
    More Powerful Features
    HEPA 13
    air filter
    7-inch smart
    touch screen
    with remote control
    Printing resuming after
    recovering from power failure
    2kg + 1kg
    Auto power-off
    Filament Drying Station

    The Filament Drying Station is a multifunctional product that integrates 3D printing equipment placement, storage and drying of 3D printing filaments, and the movable shelf function. As a matching product of Creator 4, it aims to restore the properties of the wet filaments and solve the problem of the drying and storage of filaments;

    As its size matches the size of Creator 4, it can be used as an elevated shelf; With casters equipped, it is convenient for movement and switching the working area at will.

    Improve the whole process of 3D printing and control the printing quality
    The Filament Drying Station improves the whole process of 3D printing, ensures the stable use of filaments throughout the whole workflow, prolongs the normal running time of your printer to the maximum extent, and guarantees the printing quality.
    Application Cases
    Manufacturing Application
    Customized printing of tooling, jigs and fixtures for production lines, and wearing parts of production equipment, etc.
    Design Prototype Verification
    Able to print the design instantly to verify the function of the product
    Service Organization
    Small-batch part production
    Promote the Productivity Reform
    The lampshade produced by the Biomass Science and Technology Museum of Hangzhou Research Institute of Chemical Industry was well received once it came into the market.
    Type / Creator 4-A Creator 4-S
    Extruder Extruder-F (optional) Extruder-HT Extruder-HS
    Filament TPU85A / TPE / TPB / TPC PLA / PETG / PC-ABS / PAHT / ABS /ASA / PP / PA / PC PACF / PET-CF / PP-CF / PA-GF / PC-ABS / PP-GF / PPS-CF / PPS
    Extruder type IDEX IDEX IDEX
    Nozzle diameter 0.4mm 0.4(0.6/0.8)mm 0.4(0.6/0.8)mm
    Extruder temperature 265℃ 320℃ 360℃
    Maximum chamber heating temperature 65℃ 65℃ 65℃
    Printing volume 400*350*500mm 400*350*500mm 400*350*500mm
    Printing speed 100mm/s 200mm/s 150mm/s
    Maximum platform heating temperature 130℃ 130℃ 130℃
    Touch screen size 7-inch 7-inch 7-inch
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