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Flashforge is one of the world’s leading 3d printer manufacturers. With strong background in 3d printing technology engineering and development, we want to make our customer experience the convenience and fun of 3d printing through easy, smart and reliable 3d printers that are suitable for home and professional use.
Here’re some application cases of Flashforge 3d printers.
Flashforge Guider 2S prints Hobbit House from LOTR, by our collaborator Annie Moberg.
Annie is now working on the Games of Thrones diorama project. Together, with Annie, Flashforge will share the project progress on our news center and social media. Stay tuned.
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Flashforge 3D Printing Partners Responds To COVID-19.
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Flashforge Adventurer 3 landed in a Belgian school, contributing to a new platform of school-enterprise cooperation for 3D printing.
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Flashforge Creator 3 assists Paraguayan doctors in preoperative planning.
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Flashforge supports Australian horses’ treatment, contributing to the innovation of 3D printing horseshoe clogs.
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