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Look up to the mid-night sky, have you wondered about what’s in there, in the mesmerizing galaxy dotted with countless stars? Now with the new PLC material specially developed by Flashforge, this cosmic beauty is easily in your reach.


Owning to the particles infused in it, PLA GALAXY MATTE BLACK has extraordinary detail performance: black carbon fiber feature states maturity, while fascinating starry surface miraculously adds to its vigor.

Printing parameters are similar to that of common PLA materials(200-210℃ for printing and 50℃ for platform). Compatible to all Flashforge printers.


Given that PLA has high compatibility and the most popularity, various types of filaments have been developed, and are now available to all Flashforger.


Silk filaments

Glossy surface with enchanting luster.

Make your machine parts shine like pieces of artware.

Rainbow filaments

Iridescent, glamorous prints.

Stay tuned. More PLA filaments are on their way.