Flashforge 3D printer assists in the production of medical goggles, with a daily output of 2,000 sets

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Recently, a large safeguard instrument manufacturing enterprise in China use 200 Flashforge 3d printer Guider2 for 3dprinting medical goggle production. The daily output of 3d printing medical goggles will be increased from 600 to 2,000, further realizing mass production, supporting the front line of anti-epidemic and alleviating the shortage of some medical supplies.


Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic, all industries in China have offered help and contributed to fighting against the epidemic, but the shortage of medical supplies in the front line of anti-epidemic has always been concerned. Medical protective clothing, face masks and goggles, known as the "three treasures of nursing", are the most needed and scarce items for front line medical staff. Short supply is always a challenge, and the demand gap is even larger for the reason that medical goggles with small output, difficult in expanding production and long production cycle by traditional craft. The R&D team of this enterprise used 3D printing technology to design, develop and finalize the product within 153 hours, and finally realized the mass production of 3dprinted goggles. It is reported that the 3d printing goggles are lighter and easier to wear, and they are better sealed and protected from the fog for a long time.

"The 3D printing goggles have a shorter design cycle than the traditional ones, and the 3D printing capacity is more scalable than the traditional ones," said the head of the company.

As a professional safeguard instrument manufacturing enterprise, they made multiple comparisons in the selection of equipment. Large-format printing, long-term printing stability, and high molding accuracy is the core concern. After comparing many brands home and abroad, they finally purchased 200 Flashforge 3D printers to increase production. At present, the urgent acquisition of 200 Flashforge 3D printers has been put into production. It is really spectacular that hundreds of printers start to work at the same time.

Before publishing time, 2,125 pairs of 3d printed medical goggles had been sent to the front line of the epidemic through donations and government transfers.Now the company is racing against time in production, it is believed that after the investment of 200 new 3D printing printers, the increased capacity will relieve the pressure of goggles shortage. In the future, the production enterprise will further expand the capacity according to the needs, at that time, the daily output of goggles can be 10,000 pairs.