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Flashforge Assists a Large-scale Investigation and Design Institute In Engineering Safety Studies

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Brief intro to this corporation

The corporation featured in this article is one of the earliest Investigation, Design & Research Institutes established in China. Being selected as a state-of-the-art corporation in China, This Investigation, Design & Research Institute embraces broad business scope from hydropower, new energy, urban and rural construction, to ecology and environment engineering. The safety engineering and structural fortification works of this Institute have got plenty of practical applications in scientific research and in engineering. To do those businesses, the Institute has a lot of tooling demands and will use these innovative tools to solve problems encountered in scientific research and engineering applications.

Flashforge 3D printing technology shortens prototyping time to one day

The person in charge of the department said that it was also the first time he contact a 3D printer. Through practical usage, he felt the convenience and efficient production brought by Flashforge 3D printers. 

Before beginning with Flashforge Guider 3 Plus 3D printer, they sent out almost all their designed models to CNC manufacturers for processing and manufacturing. That took a long period to get the final products. Generally, the whole process, from mode design, production, to final verification, took about one month. R&D test was very slow especially for certain models that need multiple times of verification to finally get the ideal solution. The entire project often got delayed due to the long production cycle.

3D printing helps in Production


To shorten the production cycle, they found Flashforge and chose Flashforge Guider 3 Plus 3D printer that features stably high-speed manufacturing. With the help of this equipment, the newly designed 3D model can be realized nearly within one day and the efficiency of the prototype verification is greatly improved. Meanwhile, the R&D personnel in the Institute could intuitively observe and test the feasibility of appearance and function of the designed parts. In an obviously shorter period of time, they successfully launched a self-developed "automatic mixer".

3D printing parts for Mixer Machine

Guider 3 Plus has a large build volume (350*350*600mm), which meets almost all the Institute’s model printing needs. The handle, base, rotating disk and other body parts of the Mixer are all 3D printed on Guider 3 Plus. In addition to speeding up prototype verification, Guider 3 Plus also supports continuous and stable 3D printing for 7*24 hours. After the mixer product solution finally determined, they started small-batch customized production of mixers with the use of Flashforge Guider 3 Plus, quickly producing parts for multiple sets of mixers and speeding up the batch application of mixers. According to the end user’s feedback, the mechanical properties of the mixer equipment fully meet the requirements in the application environment. The Institute stated that they have applied for a patented technology for the mixer and will carry out mass production of the mixer equipment in the future.

3D printed parts assembled to get a mixer

About Flashforge FDM 3D printers

Flashforge is a leading brand in the global 3D printer industry. Flashforge has deeply cultivated the needs of 3D printing industry and launched a new series of FDM 3D printers. The high-speed Guider series 3D printers features high-speed prototyping, enabling rapid prototyping and manufacturing; the performance-focused Creator series 3D printers, with high-temperature chambers, are suitable for 3D printing engineering materials and carbon fiberglass fiber composite materials. Flashforge Technology Corporation, with products of stable and reliable 3D printers, high-quality 3D printing materials, professional slicing software and comprehensive after-sales service, provides small and medium-sized enterprises with a full range of 3D printing digital solutions for rapid manufacturing, accelerates design iteration and productization, and leads 3D printing intelligent creation to a new future.

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