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Flashforge Helped Shandong University of Technology Win the Second Prize in Formula Student Combustion China

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Formula Student Combustion China (FSCC) Introduction

From October 11 to 14, the 2023 Formula Student Combustion China was held in Xiangyang, Hubei. This year, there were students from 56 teams from different universities who brought their self-designed and self-made formula racing cars to compete. Flashforge-sponsored Shandong University of Technology's ZEALSHINE Racing Team won the national second prize in this competition.

This competition aims to gather young talents from across the country, attract professionals and academics from all over China, showcase professional skills and practical abilities, share research results and best practices, help enhance the vitality of the regional automotive industry, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

Competition Highlights

This competition features three static events (design presentation, marketing presentation, cost presentation) and five dynamic events (straight-line acceleration, skidpad, high-speed obstacle avoidance, endurance race, efficiency test). It not only tests the drivers' on-site driving skills but also their professional knowledge, hands-on abilities, and marketing management knowledge.

To enhance the safety and reliability of the race car, Shandong University of Technology's ZEALSHINE Racing Team needs to modify components and adjust the vehicle's structure based on the original race car. Most of these modified components were non-standard, while carbon fiber materials were also used to reduce the overall vehicle weight. With the assistance of the Flashforge 3D printer, the ZEALSHINE Racing Team gained creative manufacturing capabilities, no longer constrained by manufacturing difficulties and material limitations.

In the straight-line acceleration event, the team's two drivers achieved an impressive 4.43 seconds after four runs. In the subsequent high-speed obstacle avoidance event, the team also performed well, completing it in 1 minute and 5.792 seconds. Ultimately, the team achieved an excellent overall score, earning them the national second prize.

Flashforge 3D Printing - Race Car Modifications

Shandong University of Technology's ZEALSHINE Racing Team utilized the Flashforge Guider 3, an engineering-grade 3D printer capable of rapid and stable printing of large-size and large-mass models. It features an extruder temperature of up to 320°C, meeting the high-quality printing requirements of various carbon fiber composite materials such as PLA-CF and PETG-CF. The images below show the custom carbon fiber components printed by the ZEALSHINE Racing Team using Guider 3. These components, made using the new process and material, significantly optimized the overall structure of the race car, enhancing its physical properties while reducing the vehicle's weight, thus resulting in drag reduction. Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printing enables rapid prototyping of designed components, facilitating multiple design validations.

Flashforge Guider 3Battery Box

Engine Pressure Stabilizing ChamberECU Box

Race Car Modifications

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