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Customized Production on DiDiSensei's 3D Printing Farms

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DiDiSensei, a U.S.-based 3D digital printing service provider, offers customized printing services in small batch component production to customers through online e-commerce channels. From initially offering simple mining graphics card slot printing services, DiDiSensei now caters to a variety of creative, artistic, and signage model printing needs. Flashforge has had witnessed DiDiSensei's rapid growth. Now, DiDiSensei owns over 30 3D printers (Flashforge Guider 2 and Adventurer 4), capable of quickly and largely 3D printing customized parts.

24-Hour Delivery: Flashforge Ensures Efficient and Stable Printing with Flexible Filament

To provide customers with an excellent printing service experience, DiDiSensei adheres to the service concept of "24-hour delivery", which is to ship the 3D printed product to the customer within 24 hours after receiving the order online. This poses high demands on the stability and reliability of the 3D printer. If larger models get flaws or failed during the printing process, there may not be enough time to reprint them. This could lead to delayed deliveries and increased material costs. Moreover, the 3D printers need to run continuously 24 hours a day, switching to different orders to meet the high volume of 3D printing as quickly as possible.

After learning various 3D printers, DiDiSensei decided to introduce Flashforge's desktop 3D printer - Guider 2. With its large print volume, stable operation, high print success rate, and full metal frame design, Guider 2 gets a maximum stability and robustness during 3D printing. In addition, Flashforge devices come with features of resume printing when power recovers, filament breakage reminder, and assisted leveling, to ensure safety and ease of use during the printing process.

Guder 2 3D Printers: Ensure High Economic Returns from Low Investment

The stable operation, high success rate, and ease of use of Guider 2 significantly reduces DiDiSensei's operational and maintenance costs. Even a new employee, who has never been exposed to 3D printing, can proficiently operate all 3D printers and even handle 3D models in a short period of time. Apart from its sturdy frame body, Guider 2 3D printers also use high-quality assembly parts to enhance its durability. This ensures a steady and significant printout benefit, avoiding reprint costs due to frequent printing failures or frequent parts repair. During busy month, the revenue from a single 3D printer device can exceed the cost of purchasing it.

The introduction of dozens of Guider 2 3D printers have greatly improved DiDiSensei's production efficiency and capacity, who can easily take on production orders of two-color models, models of various sizes and structures, and models in hundreds or small batch production.

Guider 3 3D Printer: Lightweight and Flexible, Expert in Small Batch Production

Creator 3 Pro 3D Printer: Independent Dual extruder Design & Two-Color Printing

Flexible filament 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular in the market due to the fast-speed and low-cost advantages as well as its ability to provide customized services (e.g., unique designs and rich colors). Currently, DiDiSensei's 3D printing farm has taken on several orders for hundreds of custom 3D prints, and there will be more demands in the future. To meet this potential market demand, Flashforge has developed professional desktop-level Guider 3 3D printer, featuring larger print space, easy nozzle replacement, fast printing, and 24x7 stable printing. Guider 3 3D printer is the cost-effective choice for small batch production applications.

Among DiDiSensei's business orders, there are printing requirements for two-color nameplates in large numbers. Creator 3 Pro's independent dual nozzles handles it perfectly. It supports two filaments entering two nozzles at the same time, and the different- color mode and two-color printing mode can be set in the slicing software.

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