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Flashforge Waxjet 400 3D Printer Debut On JCK Jewelry Show 2023

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The four-day JCK Jewelry Show 2023 concluded on June 5th in Las Vegas, marking the end of one of the world's most influential and largest jewelry exhibitions. The event drew over 30,000 industry professionals, including jewelers, designers, and innovators from more than 130 countries, providing them with a platform for communication and collaboration. While the majority of exhibits at the JCK Jewelry Show 2023 featured luxury jewelries from renowned suppliers, Flashforge presented Waxjet 400, a wax 3D printer for jewelry production.

Can a 3D printer print jewelry?

The Flashforge booth garnered substantial attention during the exhibition, attracting numerous visitors. The display showcased a stunning array of intricate jewelry samples that left viewers in awe. The WaxJet 400, as a groundbreaking 3D printing device, quickly became the focal point of passionate discussions among attendees. How a 3D printer print jewelries?

Flashforge WaxJet 400 on the JCK Jewelry Show 2023

Actually, currently there is bare possibility that a 3D printer in the world could directly 3D print real jewelries, and a fact is that now none of the real jewelries in the cabinets of luxury stores are directly 3D printed by a 3D printer. Since so, how a Flashforge wax 3D printer helps for jewelry making?

Industry professionals are well aware that jewelry wax patterns play a central role in the jewelry production process. The WaxJet 400 enables the rapid creation of complex and intricate wax patterns for direct casting. Compared to the traditional method of manual wax carving by skilled craftsmen, the WaxJet 400 offers significant advantages. Firstly, it dramatically enhances production efficiency by reducing the time required to create a wax pattern from several days to just a few hours. Secondly, the WaxJet 400 possesses exceptional high-precision printing capabilities, allowing for the creation of wax models with intricate details and impeccable accuracy. This not only brings designers' creative ideas to life but also fulfills the sampling requirements of jewelry factories.

On-site exhibition: Real jewelries and their wax patterns 3D printed by WaxJet 400

With Flashforge digital production solution for jewelry industry, The WaxJet 400 becomes a highly efficient and precise wax printer primarily utilized in the jewelry industry.

Flashforge WaxJet 400 3D printer attracted numerous visitors on the JCK Jewelry Show 2023

The exceptional performance and innovative technology of the WaxJet 400 attracted a multitude of visitors seeking to explore and learn about this 3D wax printer. Jewelry professionals and industry representatives flocked to the booth, engaging in extensive discussions about the printer. The Flashforge staff patiently answered questions and provided demonstrations of the features and operation process of the WaxJet 400. Additionally, on-site videos showcased practical applications of the WaxJet 400 in the jewelry industry, such as its ability to digitally print small batches of jewelry. Traditional jewelry manufacturing methods often entail significant time and labor, limiting production efficiency and market responsiveness. The emergence of the WaxJet 400 is changing this landscape. By enabling batch printing of wax models, the WaxJet 400 can meet the demands of large-scale production, enhance efficiency, and reduce manufacturing costs. Attendees highly praised this advanced equipment and expressed optimism about its application prospects in the jewelry industry.

Flashforge Booth got quite popular

Flashforge Wax 3D printers: leading the digital transformation in the jewelry Industry

The development of the Flashforge WaxJet 400 represents more than just the creation of an ordinary 3D printer that uses wax materials. Instead, it marks sweeping the jewelry industry into the realm of digital transformation. Traditional manual casting processes have long required extensive manpower and time investment, while being limited by technological constraints and craftsmanship. The introduction of the WaxJet 400, the best 3D printer for jewelry in 2023, revolutionizes jewelry manufacturing, making it more efficient, precise, and flexible. It enables jewelry enterprises to achieve end-to-end digitalization, from design to production, thereby accelerating time-to-market for jewelry products, enhancing market competitiveness, and striking a balance between production efficiency and cost control.

In this era of digital advancements, the jewelry industry is presented with both significant opportunities and challenges. Flashforge, a global leader in jewelry 3D printing solutions, has remained steadfast in its commitment to driving technological innovation and development.


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