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Unique and Exquisite: IXO's Luxury Customization Application Case

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Luxury Customization and 3D Printing

"Luxury customization" involves creating luxury items with unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship to meet personalized customer demands and tastes. It goes beyond product manufacturing and embodies an art form and lifestyle. It signifies uniqueness, quality, and luxury, offering customers an exceptional experience and satisfaction. 3D printing technology, an advanced manufacturing technique, is increasingly being used in this customization process. It can produce exquisite and intricate custom items using high-quality materials and precise molding technology, making luxury customization more flexible and innovative.

Customer Introduction

IXO (Iconic Xtrem Objects) is a Spanish company dedicated to manufacturing top-quality carbon fiber prepreg objects. With the best industrial process, IXO mixes professional craftsmanship with the ultimate materials, to create luxury and exclusive objects. IXO's innovative design and cutting-edge technology conform to the spirit of high-end customization sought by world-renowned brands. Currently, IXO has manufactured luxury custom items for many well-known brands around the world, such as Ferrari, Bugatti, and Lamborghini. Flashforge's 3D printer, known for its exceptional printing performance, has been introduced into IXO's production workshop and has participated in numerous high-end custom production projects.

Flashforge - Luxury Customization Solution Provider

Initially, IXO used the traditional carbon fiber material manufacturing process for high-end custom demands. This traditional approach had long production cycles, complex procedures, low precision, and required multiple mold creations and sample testing. IXO was actively seeking new technology to streamline this complex production process.

Here came Flashforge. Flashforge partnered with IXO to explore flexible manufacturing of carbon fiber composite materials. Flashforge's Creator 4 is an industrial-grade, high-performance material printing device equipped with a high-strength extruder capable of reaching temperatures up to 360℃. It supports printing with various carbon fiber composite materials, including PLA-CF, PET-CF, PAHT-CF, and PA-CF, and offers an extra-large build volume of 400*350*500mm. These two key features perfectly met IXO's customization needs.


In custom projects, Flashforge's Creator 4 brought several manufacturing advantages, helping IXO achieve cost reductions and increase efficiency:

  1. Reduced Material Waste: Creator 4 directly extrudes melted carbon fiber composite materials through the high-temperature extruder, virtually eliminating material waste by printing the design files into solid objects. The pictures below show the Bugatti pool table pocket printed by Creator 4, which can be directly produced using 3D printing technology. In contrast, the traditional manufacturing process would require cutting and machining raw materials to create irregular and complex shapes, resulting in a significant loss of materials.

  1. Rapid Moldless Production: The adoption of Creator 4 allowed IXO to perform moldless production, which means it could quickly print items using only design files without creating molds. Afterward, structural and functional tests can be performed, and in some cases, the printed objects can be used directly. This significantly shortens the production cycle, making it highly suitable for small-batch custom production of non-standardized components.
  2. Flexible Custom Production: In most cases, IXO receives a wide range of high-end custom orders, each with varying quantities. Traditional mass production incurs high costs. However, Creator 4 can easily adapt to changing orders or customer customization requests, ensuring quick and flexible production.
  3. End-Use Parts: For certain non-standard custom parts, such as the fixture between pool table panels shown below, Creator 4 can directly print them based on design files for immediate application. These fixtures printed with carbon fiber composite materials possess high flexural strength, tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, etc., meeting the requirements for securing the table panels.
  4. Excellent Print Results: Models printed with carbon fiber composite materials by Creator 4 feature a smooth surface finish and high dimensional accuracy. They can effectively integrate with a carbon fiber cloth, enhancing overall manufacturing efficiency.

In summary, Creator 4, with its support for multiple materials and large-size build volume, has improved efficiency in IXO's luxury custom production through rapid manufacturing, waste reduction, complex structure manufacturing, customization, flexibility, and cost reduction.

About Flashforge

Flashforge is a leading brand in the global 3D printer industry. Flashforge has deeply cultivated the needs of the 3D printing industry and launched a new series of FDM 3D printers. The high-speed focused Guider series 3D printers feature high-speed forming, enabling rapid prototyping and manufacturing; the performance-focused Creator series 3D printers, with the high-temperature chamber, are suitable for 3D printing engineering materials, carbon fiber, and glass fiber composite materials, enabling higher-performance model printing. Flashforge, with products of stable and reliable 3D printers, high-quality 3D printing materials, professional slicing software, and comprehensive after-sales service, provides small and medium-sized enterprises with a full range of 3D printing digital solutions for rapid manufacturing, accelerates design iteration and productization, and leads the new future of 3D printing in intelligent manufacturing.

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