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3D Printing & Motorcycle

The application of 3D printing technology in the motorcycle manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly widespread, covering everything from prototype validation to end-part production. In terms of prototyping, it enables rapid production and validation of various parts and components, speeding up the product development cycle and reducing costs. In terms of customized parts, it allows motorcycle manufacturers to produce personalized parts and accessories according to user requirements. For complex structural components, traditional manufacturing methods may not be able to produce intricate structures, while 3D printing technology can achieve this. For example, internal structures of exhaust pipes, adapters.

Partner Introduction

Droog Moto is an online exclusive motorcycle company based in the United States, aiming to create exclusive custom vehicles for motorcycle enthusiasts. They break away from the common traditional styles and build customized motorcycles with personality, wildness, and sporty genes. Utilizing CNC and cutting-edge 3D printing technology, as well as incorporating some manual craftsmanship, they manufacture motorcycles with outstanding performance. Through personalized customization services, they provide each owner with a unique riding experience.

Flashforge 3D printing solutions

Droog Moto is currently developing a customized motorcycle that combines lightweight design with exceptional performance, allowing riders to navigate through complex and ever-changing urban roads with agility. This motorcycle offers impressive acceleration and responsive handling, delivering a sense of freedom and joy to motorcycle enthusiasts. As a newly designed and niche product, it requires the use of special materials to meet the requirements of lightweight construction and high mechanical performance.

The Droog Moto team has decided to use aluminum alloy and engineering-grade plastic materials for the frame and components of the motorcycle, utilizing a combination of traditional CNC machining and 3D printing technology. After exploring numerous 3D printer options in the market, Droog Moto has chosen the Flashforge Guider 3 to participate in their motorcycle research and development project. The Flashforge Guider 3 will primarily handle the printing of small parts, including prototype validation and small-batch production.

The following final components printed using the Flashforge Guider 3 with ASA material have smooth surfaces, accurate dimensions that fit well with the motorcycle body, and satisfactory assembly results. These components also possess high strength, toughness, and impact resistance, meeting the performance requirements for motorcycle parts. Additionally, they demonstrate excellent weather resistance, being unaffected by UV rays and high temperatures, with stable performance and no fading. This makes them highly suitable for long-term outdoor use in motorcycles.

This front plate (image above) is printed with high-quality ASA filament from Flashforge. This impact-resistant material is perfect for achieving a strong and functional part. It holds a LED strip which is enhanced by air flow vents and chamfered design work.

This faux aluminum tank (image above) is dressed with an ASA-printed aesthetic cover to give the bike its unique shape and design. This is modeled closely after the bike Hyper Fighter style bikes and the Guider 3 printer did an amazing job of capturing the CAD designed model.

Partner Evaluation

"The Guider 3 printer from FlashForge has allowed us to design and print high performance parts to be used on our motorcycles and e-bikes. This printer has allowed us to print highly detailed mechanical and aesthetic prints in a range of different filaments. It is the perfect printer for small batch production and one off unique prints that need to look and feel in top quality. The printer itself has a sleek modern design to it along with an easy to use interface design".

-- Droog Moto

About Flashforge

Flashforge is a leading brand in the global 3D printer industry. Flashforge has deeply cultivated the needs of 3D printing industry and launched a new series of FDM 3D printers. The high-speed Guider series 3D printers feature high-speed prototyping, enabling rapid prototyping and manufacturing; the performance-focused Creator series 3D printers, with high-temperature chambers, are suitable for 3D printing engineering materials, carbon fiber and glass fiber composite materials. Flashforge, with products of stable and reliable 3D printers, high-quality 3D printing materials, professional slicing software and comprehensive after-sales service, provides small and medium-sized enterprises with a full range of 3D printing digital solutions for rapid manufacturing, accelerates design iteration and productization, and leads the new future of 3D printing in intelligent creation.