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Special Wax Material for Wax 3D Printer
Material Specification
Material Name FFWJ1100 FFWJ1200 FFMS3100
Material Type Part material Dental material Support material
Net Weight 3.0kg/bottle 3.0kg/bottle 3.6kg/bottle
Composition 100% Wax 100% Wax Wax support material
Color Purple Pink White
Density@95℃(liquid) 0.76g/cm³ 0.85g/cm³ 0.85g/cm³
Melting Point 68°C 80°C 55°C
Softening Point 63°C 70°C -
Volumetric Shrinkage① 1.10% 0.90% -
Linear Shrinkage 0.70% 0.70% -
Needle Penetration Hardness② 9 7 -
Ash Content③ <0.01% <0.01% -
Description High-precision casting wax material High-precision dental casting wax material Hands-free dissolvable support material
*Conditions: ①Volumetric Shrinkage SH/T 0588-1994; ②Needle Penetration Hardness GB/T 4985-2010; ③Ash Content GB/T 14235.3-1993