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3D Printing Filament

Flashforge offers eco-friendly 3d filament, functional 3d filament, advanced 3d filament and standard filaments. Multi-color options & Strong compatibility. Suitable for most of mainstream FDM 3D printers in market.

Filament Parameters

Flashforge 3d printer filaments parameter comparison table. Refer to this table for Standard filament, Composite filament, Engineering filament, Flexible filament and Supporting filaments printing requirements: nozzle, bed, Tensile Strength, etc.


Which filament should you use, PLA or ABS? Make clear differences in print temperature and printout application. ABS vs PLA, a chart clearly gives PLA vs ABS filament comparisons.


PETG vs PLA, which one to buy? See a clear comparison chart helps you better learn features of PETG vs PLA. PETG is better in strength and durability, while for printing prototypes or garage kit PLA vs PETG both are available.

LCD Resin

Suitable for LCD 3D printers, and ensures a great modeling effect and stable curing.

DLP Resin

Stable and high-precision printing. Able to print complex models with good print results.

Open Material System

It’s your choice!
Over 100 materials to choose from. Select the material manufacturer of your choice and see which materials are compatible and ready for printing on our 3D printers.

Wax Material

Special wax materials for wax 3D printer, especially good for Flashforge WaxJet400. Non-toxic wax materials. Perfect for investment casting fields such as jewelry, crafts, precision casting and aerospace.