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3 Popular Things Made by Glow in the Dark Filament 

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In recent, a lot of KOLs of 3D printing share their experience on glow in the dark 3d filament. On YouTube and other mass social media, it has become a hotspot trend. As for an absolute 3D printing fever, do not miss this article because it will give you all the information you would like to know of glow in the dark filament. It is believed one of the three reasons will impress you and get your won glow in dark filament ASAP!


Glow in the Dark Filament Encyclopedias

Usually, glow-in-the-dark 3d filament is a type of PLA  filament that is fluorescent and glows in the dark after being exposed to light. This filament is often used for decorative purposes or to create objects that need to be visible in low-light conditions. The glow in the dark 3d filament is made with phosphorescent pigments that absorb and store light energy and then release it slowly over time. The amount of glow and the length of time it lasts will depend on the type of pigment used and the thickness of the material.


green glow in the dark filament     

It is light gray before absorbing light and can be bright for about 4 hours after absorbing light. The brightness of the light depends on the magnitude of sunlight exposure during the day. (After being saturated in light for 2 hours, it can change color in a dark environment and continue to glow for more than 10 hours.)


blue glow in the dark filament prints       


Even though the printing skills of glow in the dark filament are like the ordinary PLA filament, there are still two tips to come up the people who first attempt to use it:


Print Tips of Glow in the Dark Filament


For printing temperature control, the glow in the dark filament has the same character as PLA. The printing temperature is around 180-230℃. The temperature of the heating bed should be set between 20-60 °C. When printing with PLA, be sure to keep the cooling fan on. PLA produces the best results through proper cooling. Overall, PLA is very easy to print and doesn't require much to be successful.

toy made by glow in the dark filament       


For the extruder chosen, glow in the dark 3d filament is recommended to be used steel nozzle, such by the hardened retreated extruder. The steel nozzle helps to prevent clogging and provides a smoother printing experience. In addition, the hardened retreated extruder helps to print steel nozzles with better quality and less waste. Therefore, we recommend using the hardened retreated extruder to printing glow in the dark filaments, such as steel nozzle.


flashforge luminous glow in the dark filament       

Thing 1: An Awesome Gift for Your Family 

If you have children, it is believed that they will love our new glow in the dark 3d filament. Because it is the project they can see in the darkness! This safe and environmentally friendly product is perfect for bedtime stories or making spooky shapes in the dark. Give them the gift of light this holiday season with our glow in the dark filament! The filament has multiple colors to choose. Don’t worry if you just want to have less amount but various color ranges, you can pick the glow in the dark filament in the size of 0.5kg . Of course, if you need any specific color, you can pick the filament size in 1kg. 


flashforge luminous glow in the dark filament


Thing 2: Save energy and utilize the sunlight 

it is useful for creating prototypes or models that need to be easily visible in the dark. And it could save a little electricity fee of the night light. If you're working on a project in low light conditions, the glow in the dark filament can help you see what you're doing. In other words, it means you can enjoy the printing process without any other light source. glow in the dark filament mainly relies on the absorption of ultraviolet light from sunlight and has a distinct light at night, mainly used in lamps and crafts.

prints by Flashforge luminous glow in the dark 3d filament       

No matter what you are going to print, it is sure to add an element of fun and excitement to your 3D printing projects. Such as the prints below, the night light shaped in bulbs is a perfect accessory with both beauty and function in the dark. The glow in the dark filament in the picture below is from Flashforge Luminous filaments. This filament is colored in orange, red, purple, blue, green, and white. 


Flashforge multiple color glow in the dark filament luminous 

Whether you're looking to add some fun to your prints, or you want to create functional items like night lights, this versatile filament is a great choice. And because it's compatible with all major 3D printers, you can get started right away.


Thing 3: Become the most popular 3D printer fan in the community 

The users who applied glow in the dark filament all gain many of thumb-up on the social media platform. All other users are amazed at this awesome effect that is made by a glowing dark filament. If you feel tired of sharing ordinary filament and attempt to try this new glow in the dark filament, you will gain surprised because it will be a particular printing experience for you, especially if you are your glow in the dark filament prints on social media. The whole printing process is just an artwork, many 3D printing lovers use cameras to record during printing. Undoubtedly, they all gained a huge amount of positive feedback from other 3D printing lovers. 


This print is made by Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite, which cover all requirement of glow in the dark 3d filament printing. 

flashforge luminous glow in the dark filament on facebook



This print is produced by Flashforge Adventurer 4 , which is one of the best FDM 3d printers of Flashforge. Its quality has been approved by over a hundred thousand users. 

flashforge glow in the dark filament prints on Facebook  

All their glow in the dark filament projects received positive comments and feedback. That is one of the secrets to becoming a quite popular 3D printing fan in your own community. 


If you are looking for any new upgrade and innovation on your prints, and to make the 3D printing more interesting, glow in the dark 3d filaments is the necessary option you should never miss. This unique filament glows brightly in the dark, adding a fun and funky element to your 3D prints. And with a range of colors to choose from, you can really let your creativity shine.


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