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Foto 13.3
Discontinued since Dec, 2022. Please take a look at our other resin 3d printers.
Mass Production
With Efficiency & Convenience
Key Features


Build Volume

Superior Printing





Print Speed




Print Experience

Larger Build Volume
Build Volume 292*165*400 mm Print Volume 19L
The printing size is 4 times larger than other LCD printers.
Superior Printing
Layer lines frequently appear on models printed by normal 3D printers with a rod motor, while Flashforge Foto 13.3 well eliminates this defect. Its Z-axis is supported by dual-linear-rail ball screw which dramatically improves steppers motion stability and reduces layer lines.
High-precision Printing
For prototype designers and makers, the model parts printed by Foto 13.3 can be used directly without polishing, which improves business productivity; while for the model printed by other printers, it takes at least 1/4 extra time for surface polishing.
Large Build Volume and Fast Printing
4K monochrome screen of Foto 13.3 approves faster layer exposure, 3 times faster than other normal 3D printers. Large-size Foto 13.3 LCD printer offers industrial designers and makers new possibilities, and improves the production efficiency of service providers and factories.
  • Firstly, compared to other printers with Laser Cladding Deposition technology, the output of Flashforge Foto 13.3 lcd resin printer is doubled.
  • Secondly, compared to other SLA printers with similar size, the printing time is reduced to 1/3 at least
Easy Maintenance
The projection LCD screen is a quick disassembling module. It only takes a few steps (unscrewing and disconnect the cables) to replace the screen, time reduced by 2/3. Users will face less difficulty and less risk on screen maintenance.

The specially treated industrial screen of Foto 13.3 is resistant to scratch and ram. Together with the efficient cooling system, its service life is increased by 20%.
Best Matching with Flashforge Resin
All types of Flashforge resin, including the standard resin, water-washable resin and ABS-like resin, work well with Flashforge Foto13.3. Flashforge resin emits less odor and gets easier to use.

Standard resin

Flashforge standard resin performs well on printout details, low shrinkage rate, easy painting.

ABS-like resin

Flashfroge ABS-like resin gets advanced in model toughness. Well applied in business batch production.

Water-washable resin

Flashforge water-washable resin has all the features owned by another two types of resin. Models printed with this resin just need water for cleaning, no need of other solvents.

Layer Thickness 0.05-0.15 mm (adjustable)
Print Volume 292*165*400 mm (11.5*6.5*15.7 IN)
Print Precision ±0.05 mm
Print Speed 10-30 mm/h
Language Chinese / English
Mechanical & Dimension
Printer Dimension 380*380*685 mm (15*15*27 IN)
Screen 4.5-inch touch screen
Net Weight 35.5kg (78.3 LBS)
Gross Weight 42kg (92.6 LBS)
Power 150W
Connectivity Wifi / USB / Ethernet
Software FlashDLPrint
File Input Format 3MF / STL / OBJ / FPP / SLC files
File Output Format SVGX