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3D Resin Printing Principles of LCD 3D Printer

Laser Cladding Deposition (LCD) - a kind of technology that projects an image onto the liquid photosensitive resin and forming a solid layer with laser radiation and exposure. Using a pulling mechanism it pulls up a certain height (height equal to the layer thickness of the digital model) each time after the layer curing and exposure, making the currently cured solid resin layer adhere onto the former cured layers. A solid 3D model is printed out in this way. Compared with other technologies, the LCD 3D printing technology featuring plane surface curing and molding greatly improves 3D printing efficiency.

Flashforge 3D Printing Resin

Compatible to most LCD 3D printers and with good stability, FlashForge LCD 3D resin print takes advantages of flat plane curing and exposing, ensuring print precision and print success rate. Buy 3D printer resin, Flashforge is a good choice.

Low odor

The exclusively developed printer resin effectively reduces the irritating odors.

Wide compatibility

Matching most mainstream LCD printers on the market and ensuring good printing accuracy.

Fast curing

Flashforge 3D printer resin has good fluidity and reactivity, effectively shortening printing time and improving production efficiency.

Good stability

Stable performance and good printing quality. Showing best effects when using Flashforge 3D printer resin on FlashForge LCD 3D printers.

Appropriate hardness

80-85D hardness range ensures its endurance, little crack even after a long-time placement.

Easy to clean

Clean Flashforge Water washable resin model with water, no need of other organic solvents. Use alcohol to clean Standard & ABS-like resin model.

Easy to color

Paint bites well on the models, little fade after long-term storage.

Low shrinkage

Flashforge 3D printer resin effectively reduces the shrinkage issue and improves the printing accuracy.

Environmentally friendly

Flashforge resin printing gives off low organic volatile substances, little pollution to the environment.

Properties retained well

Antioxidant ingredients are added for better 3d resin print and for anti-aging of the model.

Rich applications

Flashforge LCD photopolymer resin is widely used in printing figures, prototype verification, and in some industrial occasions, etc.

Shipping security

The liquid resin bottle is well sealed and wrapped with air bubble package. Together with the reinforced outside box, it greatly reduces the risk of resin damage and leakage during transportation.

Flashforge LCD Photopolymer Resin

Resin category Standard Resin ABS-Like Resin Water Washable Resin
Color Options
Bending Strength (MPa) 86 MPa 71 MPa 58 MPa
Density (g/ml) 1.05-1.15 1.05-1.15 1.13-1.24
Viscosity (cps, 25℃) 250-350 300-400 160-220
Hardness (D) 85D 82D 84D
Tensile Strength (MPa) 48 MPa 37 MPa 32 MPa
Elongation at break (%) 10% 11% 8%
Flexural Modulus (MPa) 2250 MPa 2100 MPa 2200 MPa
Resin Price 0.5kg start from US$13.99 0.5kg start from US$17.99 0.5kg start from US$19.99
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